Why Expert Industrial and Commercial Painters Are Needed

For some painters, switching gears from residential painting and moving into the industrial and commercial sphere is a good career move. Those who make the transition can find greater job security and a wide range of opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have found in residential painting. However, shifts in focus can also bring about new challenges that a painter may not be ready for.

The first thing that industrial painters metal cladding painting need to be aware of is that it’s a very different business than the residential sector. It’s not just about using different types of paints; it’s about utilizing much more complex equipment like rigs that can apply a broad array of coatings quickly, and the safety equipment required for work in high or hard to reach places. This kind of work is dangerous by definition and OSHA doesn’t mess around when it comes to enforcing safety standards on these kinds of jobs.

When a commercial or industrial painting contractor bids on a project it is important that they be transparent about what they’re charging for labor and materials. Many less-than-reputable painting companies will hide the cost of paint or other coatings in order to underbid a project, only to use low-quality materials that won’t hold up over time. It’s up to the client to do their research on a painting company, request references from previous customers and follow up with them to ensure that they are satisfied with their work.

While a paint job in a residential building is typically completed in a few days, an industrial paint project can take months to complete. This is because industrial facilities are often in full operation throughout the day, and a painting crew must coordinate with the facility manager or owner to minimize downtime while a project is underway. Using an experienced commercial painter who has experience working in various industries can help reduce the timeline for an industrial painting project.

Color plays a big role in the way that a business is perceived by its customers, and a professional commercial painter can advise clients on what colors are best for their specific needs. This is particularly true for an industrial environment, where the right colors can have a positive impact on morale and productivity.

The value of a commercial property can be increased by having it painted with quality materials that will stand up to the elements for a long time. This is especially true for an industrial facility, where a well-maintained and fresh paint job can give the business a more professional appearance and attract potential investors.

Expert industrial and commercial painters are trained to deal with the unique demands of each industry, and they understand what type of coatings are needed to withstand heavy industrial use. They can also assist in choosing the proper primers and paints to ensure that all surfaces are properly protected and last as long as possible. This can be vital in the manufacturing or production industry, where the integrity of a facility is critical to success.

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