Restaurant Hood Cleaning

A kitchen hood is a key part of any restaurant. It helps ventilate the kitchen and remove hazardous particles from the air. But when a hood becomes dirty, it can become inefficient and may even result in a fire. In order to prevent this, regular hood cleaning is important.

A typical cleaning procedure involves a thorough inspection of the vent hood. This allows technicians to detect any anomalies, as well as to check for proper functionality. To ensure that the hood is operating safely and efficiently, the technician should disassemble the hood and inspect all parts.

The hood is then cleaned using a solution made from warm water and a liquid degreaser. This should be applied with a soft bristle brush and scrubbing pad. If possible, the hood should be rinsed with hot water to remove any residue.

Hood filters should also be cleaned. Depending on the frequency of use, they should be soaked in a solution for at least two hours. They should then be poured into a separate container.

Restaurants typically have ductwork leading up through the roof. These ducts are often a source of grease build-up. Grease can accumulate on the walls of the plenum, the fans, and the roof. Soak the ductwork in a degreasing solution for at least five to ten minutes before re-installing it.

Restaurants should consider hiring a duct cleaning company to perform a yearly cleaning on the ductwork. It will save you time and money by having the ductwork serviced on a regular basis. Most restaurants can get away with a quarterly schedule, but special circumstances may require a more frequent cleaning.

A professional duct cleaning company will have the necessary equipment and expertise to service your ductwork. Typically, they will clean the entire system and use steam cleaners, scrubbers, and vacuums. At the beginning of the job, a crew will check the hood and ducts for any signs of damage, clogs, or improper functioning.

After cleaning the hood and ducts, the technicians will polish the hood and ducts to a shine. In addition, they will wipe down the roof and clean any other surfaces that Hood Cleaning Services were previously neglected. Once the hood and ducts are cleaned, a service report will be prepared for the client.

The next step in a hood cleaning process is to remove the fan from the exhaust ducts. Cleaners may need to detach the fan from the baffle filter. Then, they will wash the fan blades, duct work, and plenum area.

Upon completing the hood cleaning, the service will provide a sticker that indicates the date and time the hood was cleaned. This will be posted on the hood canopy and in plain sight of a fire marshal. The hood sticker will also serve as proof of performance to insurance agents.

Whether a restaurant hires a hood cleaning service or does it themselves, it is important that they follow a comprehensive cleaning routine. When a restaurant maintains a properly working hood, it can help to ensure that the kitchen runs efficiently and that the hood is safe for employees.

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