How to Activate a Call Forwarding Variable in Your Virtual Business Phone System

When customers call your business, you want them to be able to get in touch with you or an agent that can help them. That’s why you need to make sure your phone system has a feature like call forwarding variable so that when a customer calls, it can be forwarded to the right person without any setbacks.

While a customer may think it’s sneaky that you’re able to forward their calls, they will appreciate that you’re able to provide them with excellent service no matter where you are. It’s this kind of flexibility that helps you stay ahead of the competition and give customers a great experience.

Fortunately, your virtual business phone system has a call forwarding variable that can help you handle your customer’s calls no matter where you or your agents are located. Here’s how you can activate it.

The first thing you need to do is sign into your business phone system portal and find the call forwarding option. Once you’ve found it, you should see a list of call forwarding options, with specific details and instructions on how to use them depending on the type of call forwarding you have chosen.

To activate call forwarding, select the “Call Forwarding” option and follow the on-screen prompts to choose your calling options. You’ll need to enter a destination number and an alternate contact number. Once you’re done, you can save your changes and test your forwarding settings by making a call to your Plivo number. Make sure you use the correct number and country code when you make the call so that it goes through properly.

Once you’ve activated call forwarding, you can also use your mobile app to manage your call settings on the go. When you’re ready to answer a call, simply press the “Answer Call” button on your mobile app to initiate the call. Your call will be forwarded to your selected destination.

You can also create and update your call forwarding lists from your Ringblaze dashboard. Click on your account and then “Your Account.” Next, choose the “Call Forwarding” tab. Here, you can customize your settings and even choose whether or not to include international numbers in your list. You can also change your default calling options for any device or mobile app that’s connected to your Ringblaze account.

If you’re having trouble with your call forwarding settings, there are a few things you can do to resolve the issue. Double-check your forwarding number and any conditions or rules you’ve set up. Also, ensure that you have a stable internet connection or cellular connection so that your calls can be forwarded to the right place.

If you’re still having issues with your call forwarding, you can always log back into your PHLO application and check the status of your settings. You can also try to test the forwarding by calling a different number to your Plivo number and seeing if the call is correctly forwarded to the correct destination. If not, you can also try resetting your device to fix the problem.

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