Fort Paws: Exceptional Pet Grooming Services in Town

Pet Grooming Fort is a service that involves bathing, brushing, clipping of hair, and trimming nails for the purpose of maintaining the health and appearance of domestic animals. It does not include veterinary services, breeding or overnight accommodation. Some common Pet Grooming Fort Lauderdale services include cleaning the teeth, shampooing and conditioning of the coat, cutting of nails, ear cleaning and extraction, and face and sanitary trims. The groomer should also provide the client with a list of optional add-ons for a more thorough grooming experience.

A grooming appointment usually lasts about half a day and can cost from $50 to $100. The total cost depends on the pet’s size and the services requested. To save time and money, pet owners should book an appointment in advance. A professional groomer should always provide an estimate before starting the job.

The Barker Lounge is a team of dog groomers who specialize in providing pet hair removal and bathing services. Its groomers are licensed and trained in pet care as well as in pet CPR and first aid. They are also certified to work with pets with special needs, including those with skin problems and allergies. The company offers a variety of grooming services, such as a bath, shampoo, and conditioning, a full body haircut, and a blueberry facial. Its services are available all week and can be booked online.

Kyla has worked at Pups on the Poudre for years and enjoys working one-on-one with dogs to achieve a great look and healthy coat. She is a graduate of Dogs Own Grooming School and a Colorado State University alumnus in animal sciences. She enjoys assisting clients with training and behavior issues and helping dogs overcome fears or anxiety during their appointments. Her hobbies include scentwork and competing in agility. She has four dogs of her own, including a rescue from Animal Friends Alliance.

The grooming staff at this pet spa and salon is trained to handle any breed and coat. It is a family-owned business and caters to pets of all sizes. Its amenities include a grooming room lined wall-to-wall with antifatigue flooring to provide traction and support for the dog’s joints. Its groomers are also skilled in working with nervous pets and have a deep understanding of the pet-client bond.

In addition to bathing and nail trimming, this shop offers a range of other grooming services, such as blueberry facials, ear cleanouts and trimming, brush-outs, teeth cleaning maintenance, and nail trims with grinding. Its staff is experienced in handling a variety of breeds and can offer tips for care between grooming sessions.

This pet grooming service specializes in a wide range of breeds, including small dogs and cats. Its groomers are trained in pet CPR and first aid, and they use only natural pet products. They also provide a la carte services that include sanitary trims, blueberry facial, and a face massage. They also provide a variety of shampoos, including hypo, soothing vanilla oatmeal, and flea control.

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