Exploring Canada: VIA Rail Trips from Coast to Coast

VIA Rail trips across Canada are some of the most memorable travel experiences you can have. The trains are gorgeous, the service is top-notch, and the food is incredible. However, it’s important to understand the reality of train travel in Canada before booking a trip. The country is huge and it takes a long time to get from one place to the next, making train travel a good choice only if you have plenty of vacation time.

Whether you want to spend your entire journey in luxury or sleep well with a private cabin, VIA has a train to fit your needs. You can choose to book a trip very cheaply in Economy class with reclining seats, or opt for Sleeper Plus with private sleeping car rooms and meals included in your fare. And for the ultimate Canadian train experience, you can take the deluxe Prestige class.

Each of the classes has its own dining car, and it’s not uncommon for VIA Rail – The Canadian passengers to get to know each other very well through the sharing of stories over dinner or a drink in the lounge car. You’ll find the people on the train a mix of travelers from around the world and locals who make it a point to ride the train each year (it is their favorite way to see the country) and impart knowledge on all the best places to stop off at along the way.

You can also enjoy the scenery from the open-air cars on the train, which are a great choice for sunbathing or just sitting back and relaxing. VIA offers several different options for onboard entertainment, including movies, TV shows, and podcasts. But keep in mind that the onboard Wi-Fi is slow and has limited data usage, so it’s not a great option for streaming Netflix or YouTube videos.

The menu onboard varies according to the region you’re traveling through. Expect excellent beef in Alberta and fantastic seafood in the Maritimes. Dessert comes with lunch and supper, and it’s usually so good that you won’t care about the fact that the calories are going to skyrocket.

A trip on the Canadian will show you lakes and forests, flat prairies, and the revered Canadian Rocky Mountains. It’s a journey you will never forget, and it’s easy to break the trip up by spending time in Churchill on the Hudson Bay (historically known as Hudson’s Bay) and in Winnipeg or Jasper in order to explore these fascinating cities as well.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive trip, Railbookers offers a number of fully-packaged train vacations that include hotel accommodations in each city you stop at as well as special activities, tours, and even included meals. These itineraries are a great way to relax and enjoy your Canadian train trip to the fullest. And if you want to experience the ultimate in luxury on a Canadian train, consider the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer. This luxurious train travels by daylight through the breathtaking wilderness of western Canada, and it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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