Cell Phone Ticket Lawyers Near Me

Cell phone ticket lawyers near me

In New York State, it is illegal to hold and use most portable electronic devices such as cell phones while driving. If a police officer believes that you are using a cell phone or other device while driving, they can issue you a traffic ticket for the violation. These tickets can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines, as well as increase your auto insurance premiums by a significant amount.

It is important to hire a skilled and experienced New York traffic attorney to fight your cell phone or texting ticket. Our traffic attorneys have years of experience beating these tickets and will work hard to keep your points, fines and insurance rates down.

A conviction for a NYC Cell phone ticket lawyers near me or handheld device violation can result in the assessment of points to your driving record and a substantial fine. Depending on your driving record, the ticket could also cause your insurance rates to increase significantly. If you receive a NYC cell phone or handheld device ticket, it is important to contact an experienced traffic lawyer at Feifer & Greenberg immediately.

We will carefully review your case to determine the best strategy for fighting your ticket. Often, it is possible to have the ticket reduced to a lesser offense or even dismissed on technical grounds. A skilled traffic attorney can often achieve this by challenging the evidence gathered by the police officer or other witnesses.

If your case is not resolved at the TVB, it may be necessary to take the matter to trial. We will be with you every step of the way, arguing your case in front of a judge and presenting any and all arguments that support your innocence and/or reduce the severity of the charge.

A first conviction for cell phone driving by a driver with a class DJ or MJ driver’s license or permit results in the suspension of the driver’s license for 120 days. A second conviction within 6 months can result in a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee of $300 plus $75 for each point above 6. These fines and the potential for having your license suspended are reasons to have your cell phone or handheld device ticket vigorously defended by an experienced New York traffic attorney. Call us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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