Bella Bot – A Smart Food Delivery Robot With Cutting-Edge Human-Robot Interaction Capabilities

Bella bot is a smart food delivery robot with cutting-edge human-robot interaction capabilities. It adopts innovative bionic design language, cute modeling, AI voice functionality and multi-modal interaction to provide customers with the ultimate robot food delivery experience!

It can deliver 400 food and beverage items per day. It uses a modular chassis and advanced 3D sensors to offer a more versatile operation. Different task statuses can trigger corresponding light effect interactions, making the robot more interesting and providing customers with an unprecedented human-robot interaction experience.

In addition, it can also perform a number of other functions, such as sending order tickets back to the kitchen and bringing meals to customers’ tables. This makes it an ideal partner for restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic, where staff shortages have left many businesses struggling to reopen. It can be leased for as little as EUR8,000, which is less than the annual salary of a full-time waiter.

For instance, at a Japanese-style restaurant in Dublin called Senbazuru, owner Hongtao He has recruited a cat-shaped robot named Bella to run orders between the kitchen and dining room. The €8,000 investment was well worth it, he says. “She’s a great employee,” he says. “She’s fast and doesn’t need a break.” She can travel at top bella bot speeds of 30 kilometers an hour, so a round trip from the kitchen to the restaurant takes about three minutes.

The robot is programmed to know the layout of each floor at each location, and she can navigate around obstacles using laser sensors. When she encounters an obstacle, she stops automatically and can even reverse direction in 0.5 seconds. “She’s very easy to use,” he adds. “You tell her where you want to go and she goes there.” All she needs is the occasional head pat.

Customers can also stroke Bella’s sloped cat ears to reward it for delivering their food or drinks. But if they fuss with her ears for too long, she gets miffed, as if to remind them that she’s got a job to do.

In the future, this intelligent robot will have the ability to take photos of patrons and store their details on a database for future reference. It will also be able to recognise individual customers. This will help it provide a more personalized service, according to the company.

As the demand for robotic helpers grows, companies like Pudu Robotics are racing to develop new models to meet customer demands. Other types of service robots are already being used in senior living centers, cafes and restaurants in Minnesota and across the country. Some are more utilitarian than others, but all are helping ease the burden on workers who would otherwise be stuck behind a counter or washing dishes.

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