Auto Intransit Permit

ABOUT Auto Intransit Permit

In-transit permits authorize the movement of an unregistered vehicle or trailer between two points within Canada the permit is only valid in Alberta. This includes trips to and from other provinces. However, if the vehicle or trailer is carrying a load, a Load Licensing Permit is required in addition to an In-transit Permit.

The permit is good for a maximum of 7 days and requires proof click here of insurance, proof of ownership and identification. The origin and destination of the trip are required as well.

You can buy an In-transit Permit online, by telephone or in person at any registry centre across Alberta. You can also ask a dealer or a registry agent to get one for you. It costs $28.

Those who have purchased a new or used vehicle that doesn’t have a plate to transfer to their name can use an In-transit permit to move the vehicle until registry services are restored. Drivers with registrations that expire in July 2012 – their registrations will be extended until motor vehicle registry services are restored.

If you’re a U.S. citizen who’s bringing your car to B.C. because you’re a full-time student enrolled at a recognized university or college, you can avoid having to register your car here by applying for a non-resident exemption permit. The permit will allow you to keep your car registration, licence and insurance coverage from home until you’re done with school here.

You may also be eligible for a temporary permit if you’re moving a vehicle from another Canadian province or the United States. The rules are different for each situation, but typically you’ll need to show proof of citizenship and a photo ID, as well as your current insurance policy information. It’s important to talk to your insurance company about the process of obtaining temporary insurance in the interim. Many insurance companies won’t offer policies for less than six months. They also have to be able to cancel the policy quickly if you decide not to continue with the policy.

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